How to help children following divorce

February 18th, 2012 | Posted by Brian Pearson in Children | Divorce

Still Waters Counseling is committed to assisting families grow and transform themselves into more nurturing and functional units. We recognize that families have an especially difficult time during times of transition, such as a divorce. Children and adults are both affected at a significant level, and the issues of the adults can make the transition even more difficult.

Learning how to manage your feelings, your relationship with your ex, and your children during this trying time can make a world of difference to the entire family!

Discovering Effective Alternatives (‘D.E.A.L.’) is a 10-12 week program offered by Still Waters Counseling.  The program covers:

  • Individual Initial Assessment
  • Individual and joint sessions
  • Groups offered as needed
  • Court -referred or voluntary

Topics include:

  • Emotional stages of divorce
  • Psychological & behavioral
  • traps of divorce
  • Assertive communication
  • Effective listening skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • What the children need

DEAL is a program of education and counseling designed to meet the needs of divorcing or divorced parents. This program focuses on assisting parents learn coping, problem-solving, and communication skills to minimize conflict and maximize cooperation for the sake of the children.

Essentially, DEAL is geared toward the parents developing a cooperative and respectful relationship to reduce the negative effects from the divorce on both parents and children.

DEAL = Discovering Effective Alternatives.

We believe that children are most able to grow up in a happy and healthy manner when they are able to have active and loving relationships with both parents.

Just because the parents are divorced doesn’t mean the children have to lose one of them. When parents can cooperate and truly co-parent their children, even if they personally do not get along or particularly like each other, the children win.

Marriage may not always be forever, but our children are!

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