Parenting Education (Raising Kids with Love and Logic)

Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children which allows adults to be happier, empowered, and more skilled in the interactions with children. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices. Love and Logic is a way of working with children that puts parents and teachers back in control, teaches children to be responsible, and prepares young people to live in the real world, with its many choices and consequences.


Love and Logic is a parenting approach that gives kids the tools to:

  • Grow into responsible and happy adults.
  • Think ahead and predict consequences of their actions.
  • Deal with peer pressure.

Becoming a Love and Logic parent teaches parents to:

  • Set limits that work.
  • Avoid power struggles.
  • Discipline with love and logic rather than intimidation.
  • Not dread parenting, and know you’re not alone.

Module titles:

  1. Raising Responsible Kids
  2. The Love and Logic Formula
  3. Control that is Shared
  4. Ownership of the Problem
  5. Opportunity for Thinking
  6. Empathy and Consequences do the Teaching
  7. Let’s Wrap it up and Take it Home!

Who this program is for:

Parents or caregivers with children of any age.

Parents who want to parent with more confidence.

Parents struggling with difficult child behaviors.

Parents going through family life changes, such as divorce, becoming a step-parent.

Parents court-ordered or court-referred for parenting classes.

Anybody who wants to add new skills to their parenting arsenal!


What to expect from Love and Logic

Seven weeks of new ideas, with the option to continue longer if you wish.

Learn in a supportive and fun way how to deal with kids of all ages.

Get concrete ideas to specific problems.

A non-judgmental and non-blaming atmosphere (we didn’t get an owner’s manual either).

Leaders who have kids of their own and really understand.


Read more about the Love and Logic philosophy.