Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment

Still Waters Counseling is licensed by the State of Michigan to provide substance abuse services.  We are pleased to announce that Dr. Ravi Polvarapu, M.D., recently joined our staff with extensive experience in treating Substance Use Disorders.  He is able to provide medications including Suboxone maintenance treatment for patients with opiate dependency.

Additionally, Still Waters offers counseling for individuals and families affected by substance abuse, taking into account the whole person, including their biological, psychological, social, and familial aspects.

Still Waters’ Recovery Program collaborates with the client and referring source to develop an individualized plan of outpatient substance abuse treatment, which addresses identified problem areas.  Using both a holistic and systems perspective, clinicians at Still Waters Counseling take into account the client’s family background and issues of co-existing diagnoses to provide the best possible outcomes for the client.

Still Waters’ approach to recovery

The following aspects are included, as appropriate, in the Still Waters’ Recovery program:

  • Assessment services, including a comprehensive evaluation of substance use, abuse and dependence, as well as assessment of co-occurring psychological or emotional disorders.
  • Outpatient services, provided through individual, couple and family therapy.
  • Educational components of treatment, including progression of addiction, recovery planning and relapse prevention.
  • Counseling for family members affected by the substance use.
  • Referrals to additional community resources as needed, to assist in meeting treatment goals

Recovery services offered

  1. Substance abuse assessments
  2. Driver’s license evaluations
  3. Individual substance abuse counseling
  4. Family counseling
  5. Outpatient group therapy